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Южная Сибирь

Thank you Nicolai, thank you Sergej, thanks to the whole team of ecotours and to all the people in the nature reserves we visited!
This summer we spent one of our most beautiful holidays in Siberia. From Krasnojarsk to Ulan Ude we could enjoy the incredible care of Nicolai. He organized everything for us, told us many, many interesting things about Sibiria and let us get to know so many nice Russian people. From Ulan Ude to Wladivostok Sergej showed us the wilderness of some of the most beautiful nature reserves we have ever seen. Like Nicolai Sergej took care of us and managed to enable us a trip with unforgettable impressions. All people we met in the nature reserves were so friendly – we rarely could experience such a hospitability as we did during this trip.
We will certainly return to Sibiria – probably in winter.
Thank you once more to all who helped to make this trip to an impressive experience!
Margret and Guenter
Austria – December 14, 2004

We rafted a river called Zun-Murin. This a very remote river which runs in Southern Siberia, South to North, starting in the mountains on the border between Russia and Mongolia, ending up in another Siberian river, which eventually ends up in the Arctic Ocean.
We had a group of 15 people, all of them from Russia, except me. There were four leaders: Ilya, Sasha, Volodja, and Refat, who are all very experienced rafters. The other people were for the most part friends who knew each other before the trip: Tania and Kirill, Katya, Svetlana, Max and Anna, Misha, Alexei and Julia, Max and myself. I had met a few of them before on a previous camping trip in Siberia, so it was great to see them again. I don't speak any Russian, but between the English that some of them speak and the efforts to translate specifically for me, I didn't have a problem communicating.
Wim Steemers
August 2001