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About the individual tour to Russian Far East (Bikin river in Khabarovsk District and South Primorye at the Sea of Japan) in September:


Dear Elena

I want to thank you!

First, the trip was excellent. We met all our expectations, or even more. That is what differed you from all other agencies in Russia, who promised everything, but just did not seem reliable. You and Sergei were honest with us from the beginning. Thus we knew we would not see any tigers and we would not catch any Taimen. This honesty was hard to find in Russia, as well as this quality matters the most for European tourists. With Sergei you have a local guide in the Russian Far East who can hold EVERYTHING he promises. He focuses on safety, knows nature and cities, and speaks English excellent.

Second, you helped Lorenz in Moskau and you organized hotel and transport for me in Moskau. That was just great!

If we plan to visit Russia again, Dersu Uzala is our agency. Keep up the good and honest work! 
Walter Weber, Switzerland 
September 26

Dear Elena,

we now returned safely to Switzerland and a lot of work is waiting.

we enjoyed our trip to primorie very much!!! 
The landscape we saw was incredible and the animals we met were unforgetable.

However the most impressing thing for me were the 4 days with the local hunter on the Bikin river!!!!

I wanted to thank you very much for the organisation of the trip. every thing went out fine. 
thanks also for your help in moskow.

we were very glad that sergei was our guide. 
he speeks very good english and is extremely friendly. 
however the thing i liked most with sergei was that he is honest. he did not promise us things with he could not keep. 
for instance: when we asked about the fishing situation on bikin river (taimen), he did not promise us everything (including taimen). however he discribed the 
situation in the way we did met afterwards on the river. 
he continued this patern the whole trip: explaining the situations and possibilities without promising impossible things. 
so i can consider him now a dear friend.

thanks a lot 
Prof. Dr. med. Lorenz Querke 
Basel, Switzerland 
September 24

Thank you Nicolai, thank you Sergej, thanks to the whole team of ecotours and to all the people in the nature reserves we visited!

This summer we spent one of our most beautiful holidays in SiberiaFrom Krasnojarsk to Ulan Ude we could enjoy the incredible care of Nicolai. He organized everything for us, told us many, many interesting things about Sibiria and let us get to know so many nice Russian people. From Ulan Ude to Wladivostok Sergej showed us the wilderness of some of the most beautiful nature reserves we have ever seen. Like Nicolai Sergej took care of us and managed to enable us a trip with unforgettable impressions. All people we met in the nature reserves were so friendly – we rarely could experience such a hospitability as we did during this trip.
We will certainly return to Sibiria – probably in winter.
Thank you once more to all who helped to make this trip to an impressive experience!
Margret and Guenter
Austria – December 14, 2014

About the trip “Volcanoes and Bears of Kamchatka” 31.07 - 14.08.2008

Dear Elena,
I'd like to thank you and your team in Kamchatka for a really outstanding
holiday. I enjoyed it enormously. My daughter and I are already considering
the possibility of making another tour with your company to the Altai.

Best regards,

Andrew Hallan

About the “Ecotour to Baikal Nature Reserves”, August’2006:

Dear Elena
Now that the summer season is coming to a close, I thought I would drop you a line to express our thanks to you for organising a wonderful trip for us this summer. The Baikal ecotour was everything we hoped it would be, and more: wonderful scenery, visits to the most special and remote nature reserves around the lake, fantastic mountain walks, and a great group. So: thank you for making it all possible. We have lots of happy memories of Baikal, which I will treasure for a long time to come. 
Thank you, too, for all your help with details before we set off. It made a great difference to us that you were able to answer my detailed questions and to be flexible about children, payments, etc. We knew nothing about Dersu Uzala other than your webpages, but we soon discovered on the trip what a great organisation it is, putting on the very best trips with the guiding inspiration of enjoying nature and preserving the environment. In Julya you had a great leader, who facilitated a very happy trip for us, and for our children. 
Now we’re back to normal life, and the magic of Baikal is just a distant memory; but already I’m thinking of when I’ll be able to get back to Russia again, maybe in a year or two; so I’ll certainly think of joining another Dersu Uzala trip then, especially if Julya is the leader. 
Thanks again for making this trip so special for us.
Best wishes
Nick Shea 
September 16, 2006

Dear ecotours, especially dear Nicolai,

I've had the most wonderfull holiday-experience last august. With a group, I travelled along Lake Baikal. Nicolai Maleshin was our guide and he made the journey to something i'll never forget. Baikal is really impressing and was totally different then i expected it to be. All kinds of flowers and a huge diversity in nature, really beautiful. Nicolai seems to know everything about Lake Baikal and Siberia, so i learned a lot. This was a totally unique experience!
Thanks a lot (again) to Nicolai!
Dorina Antoons
Netherlands, Groningen – 20 September 2004

A journey to Siberia, the Lake Baikal 
It was my first journey to Russia. It leads me to Baikal. I visited two national parks and two “zapovedniks” (strict nature protected areaы) around Baikal. From the first moment when I saw this wonderful region I was absolutely fascinated by the deep blue color of the lake, the mountains around it and the sky with its wonderful colors. When we went on the motorboat along the Lake Baikal I could feel its wind and waves and I was also deeply impressed by the people who live in their wooden houses far away from civilization. The walking-tours were absolutely wonderful and we did them on Ol’khon Island (the west coast), in the mountains and in the forests (the east coast). I have never seen such a marvelous and untouched nature before this trip.
The guide we had was very competent. He showed us so many things every day, he had connections everywhere and he told us a lot about nature, people, the lake and the whole region. In the evenings at the camp-fire he told us stories about Siberia, people and brown bears. His care of us was very professional and individual. Now, back at home, I every day think of this wonderful journey. It had changed some of my ways of thinking about nature and people and now I know, I will come back in this wonderful and charming country again in future. 
Cornelia Flury, Switzerland
August 2004

I traveled a lot of places before, but there was nothing comparable to these 3 weeks in Kamchatka it was something very special. Who else is the luck, to call such likable and competent people his trip leader? I think, I'll get back to Russia, but until then I will have to extend my knowledge about the country and its language. This contact is very important to me. I'm also interested in everything that has to do with your jobs as trip organizer and environmentalist. A lot of thanks for your fantastic care! 

Lothar Maylahn Reemts
05 August 2003

One week in my office and the brown colored skin – caused by Kamchatka's sun and dirt – becomes whiter and whiter. The scratching of thousands of mosquitoes is forgotten, the cold days and the hours in the forest when the spirit of the forest track acts against us etc. Now the pictures on paper and in my heart show the nice landscape with snowy volcanoes, the beautiful flowers, the fun of the people, the dancing people at New Year, the mama bear with her kids in the evening, the bubbling volcanoes and geysers and , and, and... It was an interesting trip, the impressions and created emotions were great and I never will regret the decision for that tour. 
Riedel Alexa
03 August 2003

In thoughts I am still on Kamchatka. I did not arrive in Germany yet but I cannot run away before the everyday life any longer. On Monday the work everyday life began for me. The various landscapes of Kamchatka overwhelmed and into the spell pulled me. Only the animal world of the Galapagos-islands fascinates me more strongly. The evolution began there later. But the volcanoes, meadows and forests as well as the brown bears by Kamchatka are not to be over-bid. Other regions of Russia have surely different attractions. I want to discover some of them. Your and Ludmila leading concern are missing to me correctly. Many thanks for the good support. 
Radant Mona
03 August 2003

We are still full of delightfully memories on our adventures tour in Kamchatka and thank you, Nikolai, and Elena for your excellent guidance. Coming back to Moscow we enjoyed three days in your vital and impressive capital, which was even better heated then Kamchatka, so we eluded into the shady art galleries. So we completed our Russian impressions: nature and art! It was delightful and we thank you for your engagement and send you our best greetings. 
Maria and Eckart Motsch from Berlin
Berlin – 29 July 2003.

We rafted a river called Zun-Murin. This a very remote river which runs in Southern Siberia, South to North, starting in the mountains on the border between Russia and Mongolia, ending up in another Siberian river, which eventually ends up in the Arctic Ocean. 

We had a group of 15 people, all of them from Russia, except me. There were four leaders: Ilya, Sasha, Volodja, and Refat, who are all very experienced rafters. The other people were for the most part friends who knew each other before the trip: Tania and Kirill, Katya, Svetlana, Max and Anna, Misha, Alexei and Julia, Max and myself. I had met a few of them before on a previous camping trip in Siberia, so it was great to see them again. I don't speak any Russian, but between the English that some of them speak and the efforts to translate specifically for me, I didn't have a problem communicating. 
Wim Steemers
August 2001


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