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Our projects:


1. Developing and carrying out ecotours for nature lovers and specialists in national parks and buffer zones of nature reserves 

  • Over 100 programs of ecotours in various regions of Russia are developed (“Volcanoes and Bears of Kamchatka”, “To the Kindgom of Amur Tiger”, Nature Reserves around Lake Baikal, Karelian Nature Jewels, ecological travel in Putorany Plateau, etc.)
  • Over 5000 visitors took part in these ecotours during the last 4 years.


2. Specialized projects

During the last years, “Dersu Uzala” had implemented over 35 projects aimed at development of ecotourism and associated ecologically friendly businesses in various regions of Russia, including the following: 

1996 - 1998

“Ecotourism development in the nature reserves of the Russian Far East”, funding of the USAID-WWF, 1996 – 1998 (first project in Russia aimed devoted to ecotourism development in zapovedniks. “Dersu Uzala” foundation was established in the course of this project to provide for sustainability of the project results in the long-term perspective).

“Establishment of environmental education centres in the Far Eastern nature reserves”, funding of the USAID-WWF



“Sustainable tourism development in nature reserves of the Altay-Sayan ecoregion (Altay, Sayan, Khakassia, and Tuva)”. Program ROLL (Replication of Lessons Learned) of the USAID – Institute for Sustainable Communities

Consulting services for the project “Preparation of the Ecotourism Development Program in the Republic of Karachaevo-Cherkessia, organization of the Environmental Education Center in the Teberdinsky Zapovednik”. GEF, Environmental Education Center «Zapovedniks»


“Development of Environmentally Sustainable Tourism in the North-West Caucasus”. ROLL program of the USAID-ISC.


“Sustainable tourism development in the Vodlozersky National Park” (Karelia, North-West of Russia). ROLL program of the USAID-ISC.


“Developing ecological tourism on especially protected nature areas of Kamchatka”, a component of theUNDP project “Demonstrating sustainable conservation of biological diversity in four protected areas of Russia’s Kamchatka oblast”

2004 -2005

«Development of traditional type of nature use in taiga forest as a base for social and economic revival of Siberian villages”, ROLL program of the USAID-ISC


Since 2003, the Fund is a principal executant of the projects funded by the Moscow Government (Department for nature use and environmental protection) aimed at ecotourism development, carrying out children ecological camps and developing children ecological movement (annual volume of funding 160 000 – 200 000 USD).


Project of the Center for supporting Indigenous Nations of the North
















Проекты Программы развития ООН (ПРООН):

1. Разработка Стратегии развития экологического туризма на базе Командорского биосферного гос. заповедника;

2. Организация обучающих семинаров по экотуризму для местных жителей Дальнего Востока;

3. Оценка рекреационной емкости маршрутов в Дальневосточном морском заповеднике.

Проведение стажировок представителей Проекта ПРООН/ГЭФ Республики Коми и охраняемых природных территорий Р.Коми в национальных парках Венесуэлы и Аляски.

Организация стажировки представителей Степного проекта ПРООН-ГЭФ в национальных парках США

«Содействие устойчивому развитию через продвижение принципов экологического туризма в России» («Bridging U.S. and Russia through Ecotourism and Natural Treasures Stewardship»), направленный на содействие развитию экологического туризма в России на основе лучших практик США. Правительство Соединенных Штатов Америки, представленное Государственным Департаментом США, действующим через Посольство США в Москве. На основании Межправительственного соглашения об обменах в области образования и культуры.

These projects had produced economically viable results that proved to be sustainable in the long-term perspective. 


3. Developing strategies, management programs and business plans for ecological tourism development in regions:

  • In 2000, the “Strategic Program for Ecotourism Development in the Republic of Karachaevo-Cherkessia” worked out by “Dersu Uzala” Fund ratified by the Government of this Republic and integrated in the regional plans for socio-economic development.
  • The Program “Ecotourism Development in Zapovedniks and National Parks”, elaborated by the specialists of the “Dersu Uzala” Fund, was included as an integral part in the “Major Directions of State Policy on Developing the System of State Zapovedniks and National Parks in the Russian Federation for the Period Until 2015”.
  • Strategies and business plans for ecotourism development in the Kronotsky Nature Reserve, Nalychevo and Bystrinsky nature parks, South Kamchatka Nature Sanctuary developed in the course of UNDP project in Kamchatka
  • Recommendations for ecotourism development in nature reserves and national parks of the Altai-Sayand Ecoregion and North of European Russia
  • Business plan for eco-camping development based on environmentally friendly technologies
  • “Natural heritage of the Barents Region: management in the interests of future generations:
  • Program of realization of the Sevil Strategy principles on the model biosphere territory “Laplandsky Zapovednik” (UNESCO project, a brochure is published) 

4. Development of children ecological movement in Russia 

  • Organizing children ecological camps in nature reserves and national parks together with the Department of nature use and environmental protection of the Moscow Government. 25 ecological camps were carried out for over 1000 schoolchildren – active participants of environmental protection activities on nature protected areas of Moscow
  • Carrying out international youth camps together with the International United World College (UWC) in the national park “Russian North” and in Italy 


5. Publications about Russian nature reserves and ecotourism possibilities, promotion of ecological tours in Russia at the national and international level

  • Manual “Ecotourism on the Way to Russia”
  • “Ecotourism in Russia: Altai, Sayans and Tuva” (illustrated guidebook in English)
  • A series of information & advertising booklets (“Ecotourism in Kamchatka”, “Ecotourism in various regions of Russia”)
  • Subscription information & advertising press-releases in Internet 


6. Consulting and training services in various regions of Russia:

  • Ecotourism training workshops for managers of nature protected areas in the Altai-Sayans Ecoregion, Association of nature protected areas of North of European Russia, Association of nature reserves of North Caucasus;
  • Training workshop on ecotourism in Ural (Perm’, 2003)
  • Training workshop for ecotourism guides in Kamchatka (UNDP, 2005) 

Major Partners: Ministry for Nature Resources of Russian Federation, Department for nature resources and environmental protection of the Government of Moscow, ROLL program (Institute for Sustainable Communities), UNDP, USC - United World College, Russian Ecotourism Association, Association of Indigenous Nations of the North, Center for supporting Indigenous Nations of the North, Russian Union of Tourism Industry.