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Ecotour to Taimyr Peninsula, the coast of the Arctic Ocean

11-12 дней
10 Август 2018
Таймыр, плато Путорана
Krasnoyarsk-Khatanga village - Cape Tsvetkov - Preobrazheniya (Transfiguration) Island - Begichev island - Syndasko or Novorybnoe village - Kayak - Kotui river

“Three Giants of Taimyr”  Expedition to the coast of the Arctic Ocean

Taimyr Peninsula is one of the least accessible regions in Russia and can be compared in this respect with Antarctica or the North Pole. Some areas in Taimyr cannot be reached even with helicopter. This trip offers you a unique opportunity to visit this genuinely pristine corner of the planet on the shore of the Laptev Sea. You will have a good chance to observe the Laptev walruses, polar bears, musk oxen and reindeer in their natural habitat, as well as to learn about traditional lifestyle of local indigenous peoples – the Dolgans, Nganasans and Nenets. 

The expedition will take place at Cape Tsvetkov (450 km to the north-east of Khatanga), where a big walrus rookery is stretched along a huge spit jutting several kilometres into the sea. This time of the year is the breeding season for the walrus, and the growing offsprings are particularly interesting to observe. The migration routes of the polar bear also lie through this area, where the walrus rookeries are their main attraction, so that visitors can witness some unique episodes of interaction between these giant animals.

At a distance of 25 km from Cape Tsvetkov lies the magnificent rocky Island of Transfiguration (Ostrov Preobrazheniya), discovered by the Great Northern Expedition (V. Pronchitschev, S. Tchelyuskin, Kh. Laptev) in 1737. Here you can observe a famous big colony of marine birds.

You will enjoy incredible landscapes and high chances to watch musk oxen and reindeer (the biggest reindeer population inhabits the areas east to Putorana Plateau). Fishing in local rivers is beautiful: omul, chir, muxun, Arctic char, marine char.

Photo: A.Volkov

Photo Gallery of the tour in 2017


Day 1 (Tuesday or Friday) - Arrive in Krasnoyarsk early in the morning by the flight from Moscow (*another option is to arrive in Krasnoyarsk the previous day and overnight here at the hotel). Take a local flight from Krasnoyarsk to Khatanga (appr. 09.00-12.00). Excursion to the Museum of Local Lore and Mamooth Museum (if available). Meals at the local cafe with traditional cuisine. Overnight at the hotels in Khatanga.

Day 2 - Early in the morning, the group travels from Khatanga by sea vessel (small ship) towards  Cape Tsvetkova. Overnight on board.

*In normal weather conditions, the way from Khatanga to Cape Tsvetkova takes 1,5-2 days.

Day 3 - Arrive at Tsvetkova Cape. Observe Laptev walruses at the rookery, very high chances to observe polar bears. Overnigh on board.

Day 4: Guided excursions to explore the area of Tsvetkova Cape: transfers ashore by rubber motor boat, hiking excursions inland to observe local fauna and flora. We can see walrus, polar bears, lemmings, ermine stoats, polar fox dens, polar owl nests, many birds such as black-throated loon, various ducks and eider, skua, curlew, peregrine falcon, etc. The reindeer and musk oxen can be encountered.

Along the rocky coast, there are some interesting geological objects. With luck, you will be able to see the mammoth tusks or other remnants of prehistoric fauna.On the horizon you will see Byrranga Mountains – the least visited mountains in the world.

Overnight on board.

Day 5: Transfer by ship to the Island of Transfiguration. Hiking excursion on the island. Observe big colony of marine birds.

Overnight on board.

Day 6: Start the way backwards by ship. Visit Begichev Island, observe local walrus rookery and, with luck, polar bears. If weather condition allow, we will visit Syndasko, the native village of the Dolgans (another option is visiting the Novorybnoe village the next day).

In the second half of August, the big sea char (“red fish”) migrates along Novaya river (some individuals weighing up to 30 kg and more), which offers ample opportunities for sport fishing (catch-and-release).

Day 7: Continue the way by ship to Khatanga with possible visit to the village of Novorybnoe (if time allows). Arrival in Khatanga in the late evening or early in the morning. Overnight on board.

Day 8: Day of rest in Khatanga. Visit the Ethnography Museum. Meals at local café. Overnight at the hotels in Khatanga.

Day 9: Departure by motor boat (small river ship) along the river Kotui. Visit the abandoned miner village Kayak, view the picturesque rocky gorge called “the Kotui pipe”. Observe migrating herds of reindeer (sometimes they cross the river at a close distance from the boat). With luck, there is a chance to observe a brown bear and other animals.

Overnight on the barge on Kotui river (the are two simple heated living moduls).

Day 10: Continue excursion along river Kotui by motor boat. In the afternoon, we travel back to Khatanga. Overnight on the barge.

Day 11 (Tuesday or Friday): Arrive in Khatanga in the morning. Flight to Krasnoyarsk (appr. 15.00 – 18.00). Overnight at the hotel.

  • Note: depending on the guests’ wish, it is possible to take a day trip to the famous Krasnoyarsk Pillars nature reserve

Trip cost includes: rental sea vessel for 6 days, services of 3 accompanying guides and a cook, meals three times daily during field part of the tour and in Khatanga, fees for visiting the area of nature reserve, accommodation at the hotels in Khatanga – 2 days, issuing permits to border zone, necessary equipment (motor boats, fuel, etc.), excursion to local museums, rental motor boats of “Kostromich” type for the trip along river Kotui, expenses of an international tour leader (airline tickets Moscow-Krasnoyarsk-Khatanga and back, accommodation and meals during the tour).

Additional expenses: airline tickets Moscow-Krasnoyarsk-Khatanga and back for tourists (the cost of tickets Krasnoyarsk-Khatanga-Krasnoyarsk is about 40000 Roubles roundtrip), visa support, additional hotel overnights in Khatanga (if needed), program in Krasnoyarsk (accommodation, transportation, meals, excursions), alcohol, items of personal nature.